Lady Bah Bah

Ok it’s about time for some silliness.
So I created the image of lady Bah Bah last year and just refreshed it today. I thought it would be nice to add a silly little story (below) to go with it made out of the titles of Lady Gaga songs. As always please feel free to share if it amuses credit :- A.Voss/ ❤️
Have a safe day.

Lady bah Bah has always been on the edge of Glory, desperately seeking the applause and adulation of all the bad kids in her flock. However after the video of what she thought was a secret dance in the dark  when viral, the Paparazzi haven’t stopped coming by her field, as she doesn’t own a Telephone. The questions they ask sometimes leave her Speechless, they ask about her trans life and relationships, one even shouted ‘Who does your hair?’ It’s wool you monster, she thought as she ground her teeth while keeping her characteristic poker face. The less the press know the greater the aura she creates, she doesn’t want them finding out about the Lovegame she is having with Alejandro from the other side of the valley. Alice her friend thinks it’s a stupid love and that Alejandro is just a swine, she say’s ‘You and I don’t need boys,boys,boys’. Bah bah doesn’t care there are a million reasons why this could turn into a bad romance she just doesn’t want it to be because of the fame. She can’t worry about all that now, she will continue to just dance like the gypsy taught her, while keeping the perfect illusion that she knows what she is doing and this was all planned.