This too shall Pass

‘This too shall pass’ is one of my favourite sayings, in a world beguiled by fakery it is an unbreakable, unsentimental TRUTH. All that we are, endure, love, know will as surely as the seasons change, fade and ultimately in time turn to dust.

Maybe, maybe not, nothing last forever and it is folly to believe anything we do will last beyond our life time? let alone hundreds or thousands of years from now.

As everything becomes more and more digitalised all we are seems now only too exist on screens and in the digital ether. We are told our data, our digital memories, hopes and dreams are back up and safe. Safe against what? Hard drive or server failure, power cuts, storms, earthquakes, wars, ordered deletion. Our 2021 cultural wonders unlike those of Neolithic civilisation could all be gone in a simple malicious keystroke. Improbable many would say, oh the naïveté of optimistic fools. It’s not being alarmist to state the bloody obvious even the megalith above (Lanyon Quoit, Cornwall) will one day be space dust waiting to be re-formed into who knows what.

‘This too shall pass’ should be a mantra we all utter everyday, if only to refocus our hearts and minds to the ephemeral nature and wonder of our very existence.

❤️ AV.