The times they are a-changin

You may have noticed already that I have changed the look of the site, it’s not purely cosmetic, going forward I will also be changing the way I post and create.
When I first logged on to the internet in 93 it would have been like walking down a footpath in a rural idyll, now it is more akin to sitting in a SSC Tuatara on a  billion Lane interstate freeway to hell. Everyone including me is on informational overload, long text and static images are over looked in favour of animations and videos. Even in Lockdown Britain few people can focus their attention on one thing for very long …zzzzzzzz

So from now on I’m moving to a microblogging style. Our minimalistic look has probably been scientifically chosen by cyber robots, in order to give you dear overstretched viewer the best possible chance of tolerating this post before moving on to more important things like the GIF of a typewriting octopus 😂. 

I jest but only a little, it’s evolution baby you either adapt or die. Nothing is set in stone, just as I for-saw the rise of the digital camera when everyone was emphatic it would never ‘catch on’, before long blogs and websites will ultimately become a thing of the past for anyone but Global Corporations.

For sometime we have been at a point where many are reluctant to leave their chosen echo chamber of a social network for fear they may miss the next big trend. As someone who dislikes how we have been reduce to simply the sum of how many followers we have the future is grim. It seems only the beautiful people will win the struggle for hearts and eyes, just as long as they have a cat or one of those dogs that fit in a purse.

I hope the image at the top of this post can make up for the valuable Instagram time you’ve missed reading this. May your day be abundant in ❤️’s and 🌈 …✌️.

  I’m chagrined this post is far too long, I must do better or face obsoletion. 😺