Happy Halloween and It’s time to vote, America!

So we are almost there, my favourite day of the year, Halloween… And as we can’t go out, I thought I’d create this fun image (above and below), which is part satire, part parody and part wake up call. 

Obviously, if you know nothing about the Resident Evil franchise this will be lost on you. I have hundreds of creative silly ideas come through my brain everyday.  Sadly, I seldom have the time or motivation to actually bring them from my imagination in to the digital realm.

Just Vote
I know from the image, it should be obvious who I want to win the American election, but I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of choice. So if you are going to vote for the ‘T-virus’(he who shall not be named) fair enough, at least you’re voting. 

What I can’t stand is people that moan about election outcomes but never even took the time vote. People throughout history have died just so you could have the right to have your opinion heard. 

Alas it is an uninspiring race between two old rich guys, but there is enough riding on this that you have to swallow your pride and vote one way or other.

It is highly likely, whomever you vote for, that in a few months you may indeed regret your decision.  I know myself, I voted for people who appeared harmless enough on the surface only to feel betrayed later on. This is why it is hard not to be jaded by elections. 

As I once lived in America, I am married to an Anglo-American and still have some good friends living there, I am very worried about what the future holds. This elections’ outcome will turn out to be a nightmare for whomever doesn’t win. However I fear, if one person wins with a landslide, America may never be the same again and freedom will truly becoming a thing of the past. 

In truth, I can’t help but think that no matter what happens on November 3rd, America will wander very close to civil war (at worst) or civil disorder (at best) like we have not seen in years. 

I hope I am wrong.  Just as I hope I’m wrong about who I believe will win ….Yes, I hope on the 4th of November everyone can tell me I was wrong, but I believe the Big ‘T’ will win 😖😣😕

So Happy Halloween! and no matter what happens over the coming year, I’m sure it will feel like a total nightmare.
Good luck Everyone