Psychiatrist (Hidden Journal Pt.5)

Note This is 5th of 10 private posts which I have decided to make public in the hope someone somewhere may find help and comfort from them. I am not a medical practitioner. Always seek professional advice before doing anything that will impact your health or mental wellbeing.

Written on 4 May 2018

As mentioned in my previous post, I need to have a psychiatric evaluation before the surgeon will perform my bilateral orchidectomy. This is an understandable safety net for the surgeon to stop potential lawsuits and any questions of wrong doing. As I have said before, because of my age and some other reasons which I will keep to myself for now, l am going down the private route with my transition.

So a few days ago, my wife and I drove to Glasgow to meet with a friendly and highly respected psychiatrist. Obviously, my wife didn’t come in for the interview and evaluation, but he did converse with her at the end of the meeting in a genuine manner and not in the ‘seen to be done’ fashion so common these days. The whole appointment was relaxed and unrushed.

Sure, I was still apprehensive and embarrassed to be sharing intimate details about my personal life with a complete stranger, but it was by no means as bad as I believed it would be. I was asked a bagful of questions. Some were related to my operation, transition, my thoughts on losing my ability to have sex and a whole host of unrelated questions that I guess just fleshed out who I am and my state of mind. He took a page full of notes, as well as £300 of notes from my pocket 🙂

He informed me that it was refreshing to talk someone so focused and grounded. I suspect that was just the polite thing to say. However, he did clarify that many people came to him on a whim, with no real clue what they were letting themselves in for. He intimated that some people saw it like getting a hair cut and if they didn’t like it, they change it again (as if you could).

I must confess, I am seldom amazed by the ignorance of fellow humans, but the thought of people getting to this office with so much naivety, did make me twitch. No wonder the process moves so slowly for many people, with doctors having to make allowances for the fools who are so blasé about the whole thing.

The upshot of the appointment was that I was found to be fully aware of what I was undertaking. I had planned the process down to perfection, knowing the possible pitfalls with coherent plans in place for all eventualities.

My next step will be to go back to the Gender Specialist in Edinburgh to review the report and discuss next steps.