The line in the sand of time and site changes

Those of you who drop by regularly will have noticed that we haven’t been writing much lately. I have to be honest and say… what’s the point? People seem to be running around like headless chickens at the moment and no matter your political leanings, nearly all of the governments across the world have dropped the ball on the handling of Covid-19. The truly interesting part of all this is that all the ‘yes’ people (or as I like to call them the norm herd) are for the first time in decades starting to question the system that controls every aspect of their magnolia lives.

The inter-web is chockablock with opinions on our current situation and I, for one, think there is much more to this virus than meets the unquestioning eye. The only thing I’ll say for now is … in life you reap what you sow. I believe humans were meant to be the caretakers of the planet, sadly however we have instead taken to trashing and burning the place down. We’ve turned a beautifully balanced eco system into a giant turd-shaped totem to our unthinking consumption culture.

We could have so easily had our superficial sparkly lives and a well balanced ecosystem, but that would have required restraint, planning and yes spending more money on the unseen things. Our ‘sell it cheap, stack it high’ mentalities just wouldn’t have found that sexy. It would have also required us to keep our populations in check. Something our fragile sensibilities also could not have handled. The world should have kept our populations trim, happy, healthy and wise. Instead we have gone for obese, disempowered, toxified and stupid. We have all played our part, we are all to blame – masters and servants alike.

What’s done is done… it’s time for change.

I think it goes without saying humans must change, but at this point I am mainly talking about myself.

Today on this blog we are drawing a line in the virtual sand. I have written at length on the topics dear to my heart such as questioning everything, thinking outside the box and seeking a non-dogmatic spiritual well-being that enhances lives while also freeing them from the chains of manmade religions.

As you can see I have created numerous artworks in the past that in themselves speak volumes on this subject and could themselves have you thinking and questioning for decades. I am grateful for the many that have engaged and supported this, but I’m saddened by the thought that in truth only the few truly ever understood what I was trying to convey.

Anyway I’m done with talking and writing about all that for now. It is still all here for those open to the subject, so freely dive into my past posts and embrace what resonates and leave the rest. My contemplation art is also available to buy for those who want to grapple with these visual metaphors and draw their own conclusions. While, as I say these topics are dear to me, I no longer see a reason to simply keep relaying these messages over and over again, it bores me and belittles the messages.

So yet another new beginning in a long line of new beginnings …

I like new beginnings. I’m not one for being trapped in my own past. The truth is my new direction may confuse and surprise far more people than my spirituality and questioning of conventional wisdom ever did.

What comes next will be a true unwrapping of my many personalities. A display of the many personas I have kept under wraps from everyone including at times myself.

Much of the future content may seem at loggerheads with what has gone before, but I believe if we are ever to evolve we must be prepared to layout everything we are :-the good, the bad and the ugly. Hiding our ‘imperfections’ and only displaying what is considered ‘acceptable’ keeps the dualistic lie alive. It runs contrary to the statement ‘all is one’. We are not one dimensional personas. We are made-up of as much as we hate, as love. We can be superficial trinkets one day and weapons of change the next.

Sometimes we need to just stop trying to make sense of everything and just be our own unique selves and to hell with what people will say. Doing so cleanses the accumulated bullshit that has stagnated the human race for too long. The belief we must be/look this way or that has suffocated the sprit of mankind to everyone’s detriment.

We must learn to respect each other’s differences, but also we need to laugh at the things we hold dear including ourselves. For me honesty, humour and a respect for nature are the keys to a good life. A world without laughter that dares never to dethrone our fragile egos will simply become a putrefying monument to mankind’s deluded self-importance. Like it or not, the galaxy doesn’t wait with baited-breath for our next action or thought. It doesn’t look to us for answers. Universally speaking, we hold no more or less value than a grain of cosmic dust.

So what comes next?

Well you’ll have to wait and see 😀

My first project is to publish excerpts from a personal journal that I start over two years ago. It will display that, despite my spiritual conviction, I am just as prone to falling apart as anyone else. The way I have decided to fix my broken self is the subject of much heated debate currently across the ‘social’ networks and media, which is reason why I have never wanted to share this part of my life, but also now why I feel compel to.

Apart from this journal, I will also be tapping into my own very niche sense of humour and hopefully finally create those short and very silly audio snapshots I have been wanting to continue/return to for over 10 years.

So the future topics will be more varied than ever before, in ways that are hard for me to describe. Below hopefully (Maybe not in your region) is a selection of music videos from totally diverse and often at odds genres. I love them all equally and I hope it displays how eclectic my tastes have always been.

I hope you’ll stay with me through the changes and if not then I wish you well but must say ‘you never really got me .. did you baby?’