98 days then 30 minutes of freedom.

So this morning I left my house for the first time in 98 days. Under strict doctors orders not to leave the confines of our truck. We went for a 30 minute drive around. Not much has changed out there. Green fields, less litter and few humans. I cried. It was a release of emotion not expected due to all sorts of feelings. Scared, relief, frustration, confusion. I felt like everything was much smaller, the roads, the buildings, the cars. Maybe my perception has changed. Now I have done it don’t feel I need to do it again for a while. The consultants still say the risk is still too great for my health. Anything above 0.4 is still too high. I have been protecting myself in a bubble yet one particle of covid will still kill me now as it would have 14 weeks ago. I am grateful I am still here. I am grateful for my consultants support. I am grateful for my companies support. I am grateful for the governments support, even if I think over all they have handled this emergency very poorly. And most importantly I am grateful for my spouses support without whom I would have struggled on so many levels.

Stay safe everyone and world I miss you X