Coronavirus, sarcoidosis and me

The picture above shows right now what it feels like to be me. I feel I am being pinned up to a wall and can’t escape and just hoping that no one sets the canon off.

There will be those that contract the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus and feel just fine and dandy.  They may even make a joke of it, but many won’t especially people like me. You see I am a bit unlucky in health (massive understatement). I have two rather annoying and at times debilitating diseases, yet for most of my life I have managed to keep under control and away from hospitals. I have had type 1 diabetes for 31 years and for the last 10 years I have had chronic pulmonary sarcoidosis. My lungs were pretty much destroyed by the length of time it took to finally figure out that I had sarcoid. But it’s the after effects and relapses that are the hardest things to deal with. I take a concoction of immune suppressant drugs to keep the ‘beast’ inactive. Which is great but they have all but turned off my immune system so I can’t fight any infections. So you can imagine most of the time I am pretty careful with what I touch and do but this coronavirus is a whole game changer.

How do I protect myself when my own government is telling people… ‘well a few loved ones will die but we will be alright jack’ …. actually I am a human and I deserve to live. I am still alive, working and contributing to society. Why is it okay that I am expendable. I have fought incredibly hard to keep my disease under control and from the outside most of the time you won’t know I was ill.

So for the last eight weeks, yes eight weeks. (My husband and I saw this disease coming back in January. ) I have been doing all I can to try to stay germ free. Hand washing and not touching my face is a no brained anyway. Through advice of my medical team I have been social distancing and avoiding all places where I would be in contact with unknown humans for more than 15 minutes or within 2 meters for the last two weeks. So no restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas etc. I am safe so far as many reading this are too, yet this could go on for months or even years.  

The difficult part is how do I keep myself well during these times? Yes people months, not days or weeks. I need at-least anti viral drugs to survive and even better would be a vaccine. Until these are made and tested I will just be staring down the barrel of a gun.

Need to know more about Coronavirus ?
As we all know there is a great deal of bogus information online, so one must be careful. The main places I get my info is the NHS and UK GOVERNMENT sites and the MedCram YouTube videos. This is a medical scientific research and discussions channel. We have been watching the coronavirus series since episode 8 they are now on episode 39. Follow the link :-Medcram coronavirus videos this channel has truly helped me understand what this thing is, why the world is acting the way it is and also what hope people like me have for the future.

Stay Safe and if you have a health conditions like me you may want to link up on twitter and share how you are coping at this time. I’ve only just really started using my account @LadyDeadheart so it’s all a bit new to me.