My 7-day fast: what I discovered.

Why I undertook a 7 day fast
My overarching reasons were to reset and cleanse my body, understand my relationship with food and hopefully reinvigorate my spiritual focus.

The details of my 7-days:
I stopped eating food at 7pm Sunday and didn’t eat anything till about 4pm Monday 17th. Each day I drank between 1.5 and 3 litres of water with lemon juice, turmeric, cayenne and a dash of honey.  Then by about Thursday I swapped to just lime juice. The importance of water should never be overlooked or underestimated.

NOW THE DISCLAIMER: It should go without saying that like everything in life, undertaking a fast does come with risks. I do not recommend that anyone undertakes anything without sensible research and advice. If they have any kind of medical condition seek the advice from a doctor. I do not have any medical knowledge and would not recommend anyone do a fast simply because they read this here. I am not an advocate for fasting as a lifestyle, simply I have found it beneficial. All people are different, and all body types act differently under stress.  Finally, please take into account that I work from home, so my exercise levels are what I choose to undertake. I know everyone else is not that fortunate.

What I discovered physically:
What I should say before I start, is typically, I don’t have that addictive trait so many people have. Once I set my mind to not eating for this long, I had no doubt I would achieve my goal. Overall it was easier than I believed it would be.  Maybe that’s because I’m not exactly slim or maybe it’s because most of the food I eat is just not needed.

Day 1: As I currently intermittent-fast twice a week eating less than 800 calories, going without food for 24 hours did not phase me at all.
Day 2-3: Like most people, I had a noticeable headache and some stomach twinges. Compared to the light activated debilitating migraines I am prone to get if I am dehydrated, these headaches were nothing.
Day 4 – headache finally past but had the odd wobbly moment like a mild dizziness.
Day 5-7 were easy.  no notable pain, certainly no hunger. In fact, I was reluctant to eat after the seven days because I didn’t feel ‘deprived enough’.  Luckily, my wife told me to stop being stupid and eat a small meal of less than 400 calories and later an apple.

Over the week I could not walk as far or as quickly as I usually do something everyone should keep in mind, energy levels fade very quickly especially towards the last 3 days

What I discovered mentally:
I am a lot mentally stronger than I thought when it comes to sticking with things. My obsession with food is a lot weaker than I thought. I found it easy to become a vegetarian over 18 years ago and even being vegan is not that big of a problem. I eat as much as I do when I do, simply as routine. I was aware that I wasn’t eating and at certain times of the day I would think oh I forgot to do something then I would remember oh yeah …eat 😊.
I was quite aware how much more mentally productive I was after about day 4.  However, I was also aware that I could not judge movements quite as well as normal.

What I discovered Spiritually:
20 min Contemplation and meditation breaks were much easier than normal. Mind chatter was massively reduced.
I found myself thinking deeply again about my first spiritual quest in 2006 and what I discovered then. Which was ‘Life just is’, all things are linked, good and bad are just perceptions. A ‘Divine Matrix of Universal Love’ as I called it a bit of a mouthful I know, basically oneness, non duality .
The fast, gave me the peace, stillness and awareness, but opened no radical cosmic doors sadly, I had hoped it would well we always do don’t we, but maybe what i know already is enough.

Final thoughts
The 7-day fast was brilliant for my mind, health and confidence. It gave me back perspective when it comes to eating, what food I really need and don’t need to function. Most people are just interested in how much weight I lost even if that wasn’t the reason for doing it, so if your one of those I lost about 1 stone. Over the next few days I will be having just one simple low-calorie meal with fruit as I do not want to tax my system. I am also seeking to understand what a filling meal looks like again opposed to the mountains of crap we westerners force down ourselves most days. The thoughts of how big my meals usually are has made me quite nauseous… Oh yes, I nearly forgot, if you are not used to drinking lots of water be prepared to pee often. Which brings me to my best piece of advice when doing a water fast…. always know where the nearest toilet is. Lol

Thanks for reading – A Voss.