Thought on the Cross

I have always been fascinated with the metaphors of the cross and here are my thoughts on it.

The cross points to how thoughts and theologies about God can often end up as epic fails. How a universally all encompassing Grand idea of ‘love thy neighbour’ can be shrunken down into churches, books and decrees that relay the small minded prejudices of men rather that the infinite wonder of the Divine .

How long can we keep giving man made religion the benefit of the doubt? They talk of love and Jesus but are so quick to judge that which they don’t understand. Sadly to often They only pay lip service to ‘Love thy neighbour’

Ultimately it is a no brainer for me:
God doesn’t need a house, people do.
God doesn’t read books, people do.
God doesn’t make rules about love, people do.

So, while my belief of a Divine oneness is still strong, my faith in the words of men has all but evaporated.

It’s a sad fact even the most well meaning and open minded thinkers can end up in a war over theology. Every time this happens, The divine meaning becomes more distant to everyday people. I can only conclude the more complex the theology, the more it feels like the minds of men and rather than the heart of the divine.

The cross was a tool of pain and suffering that was used to relay a message to us. Sadly, when we look around at the world we still seem not to have evolve far from our ‘burn the witch mentalities’ and our judging and conditional Love.