An Authentic Christmas

It is common at this time of the year for the Ego to take the reins while sanity jumps in the back seat. People overindulge in every aspect of their lives and the result is seldom Merry and bright. Over the years my love of Christmas has grown, but my need to flamboyantly celebrate it has reduced. For me less has truly become more. Rather than spending fortunes I don’t have on things I and others don’t need, we have chosen to focus on the quality of our Christmas rather than is quantity. The result for me is a much quieter and far more pleasing holiday that doesn’t come with the usual financial or mental hangover.

The life of Jesus was never one of glitz and glamour, he could have made every aspect of his life materially fabulous however that wasn’t is way. Spreading an Authentic Message was far more important than some high-profile promotion campaign, without a doubt Jesus grew frustrated by peoples need for constant miracles and showmanship. It’s a fact that Most of us by now know genuine Inner peace and joy can never be found in stuff, funnily enough most of the time it’s our material goods that give us all our problems.

I’m not suggesting giving up all lifes worldly goods and walking around in rags. I’m talking about focusing on what is needed and forgetting the rest. Sometimes saving up for a quality product makes more long-term sense than feeding the immediate lack with stuff that will just end up in a landfill in a matter of months.  Shoes are a good example of this, one good pair of shoes will usually last longer and end up being cheaper than the 5 pairs your get that were ‘cheaper’.  Yes, yes, I know the desperately poor have little to no choice, but luckily many of us do. People on a tight budget can often live better than those with more because they have been forced to develop good judgment.

Ultimately It’s not for me to judge others and how they Choose to spend their money or Christmas, I’m simply relaying how I have improved my festive season for the better by taking a step back and when in doubt walking away from buying things and going places that ultimately won’t serve me.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?‘ Jesus Christ

So once again I Sincerely wish you a Joy filled and highly Authentic Christmas.
A Voss
Peace Faith and Joy