New Beginning, Blog restart

Life can be full of wrong turns, mistakes and regrets that limit any chance of seeing the next minute with an open heart. Our experiences create our perceptions, fear collects these experiences together and builds us a ‘safe space’ that sadly can end up becoming a prison. The fear is in our head. More than anything in the real-world it separates and alienates us from peace and love, it also stops us experiencing our full life potential, our true joy.

Most of us are broken and tormented souls, even those that appear to have it ‘all together’ are often closer to the edge of despair than they would like to admit or are willing to show. We aren’t born like this, we aren’t born depressed, fear ridden and self-loathing. We are shaped this way by a society that values all the wrong things, by corporations that only see love as an emotion to be used to part people from their money.

It is my belief all of lifes’ interactions have value, every thought, word and deed can hurt or heal. Therefore, even the innocent can quickly become lost and jaded if they grow up in an environment where fear and doubt seem to reign supreme. What we say and how we act matters. We all have the power to inspire or torment. Even the briefest of interactions with complete strangers can leave ripples that may affect us for decades in ways we simply cannot quantify.

We are all, like it or not, connected and yes what we do and say matters even if we live in a victim paradigm that makes us believe we are less than, irrelevant and unseen. The meek weld as much power in forging the lives of those they meet as those whose egos have convinced them they are superior and born leaders.

So the simple fact is you and I are valid, even if everyone you know tells you otherwise, even if every thought we hold in our h ead runs contrary to that. A God of love would not play favourites, nor would she make mistakes. So, while we may not be able to perform miracles, we do all have the power to heal and curse others through our actions every day. We simply can’t know how broken the next person we meet maybe. Sometimes even our best intentions can backfire, and our ego will try to convince us that trying to be nice just isn’t worth it. The simple fact is if we don’t try to be the good we wish to see in the world, how can we ever hope to see it?

Everyday offers us a New Beginning, a chance to be the best version of ourselves. The question is, are we brave enough to change? Because change does take bravery, it also takes a leap of faith that often we won’t see a ‘payoff’ from in a time scale we can understand.

I pray we may all find the strength to be better people in our next interaction, no matter how insignificant we may feel they are.

Peace Faith Joy
A Voss