Logan Botanical Gardens‬

Logan botanical garden is Located on the south-western tip of Scotland, which is almost a three hour drive from my home in the borders. Thankfully the weather was with us, Logan enjoys an almost subtropical climate, so it offers something a little different from other Scottish gardens.

As you know I’m happy in my ignorance of plant life and doggedly maintain you don’t need to know a single plant or trees name to enjoy a gardens beauty. So from my simplistic perspective Logan is indeed very pleasing both to the eyes and ears (however it wasn’t very busy when we went).

We visit a lot of gardens in the course of a year, my wife knows when I like a place because I actually stop the ‘route march’ (her words), sit down and just soak up the atmosphere. I loved the grove like feel of many of the areas, it’s definitely a place for quiet contemplation providing you pick the right day.

Find out more at: www.rbge.org.uk/visit/logan-botanic-garden/