A Day without Power

Yesterday we had a power cut in our area, I guess the power was out for about 8 hours which is an inconvenience sure, but in truth I just can’t get that angry about things like that anymore. As we live in a rural area I kinda expect the power to go out more often than when we lived in a town. There was a deep frost yesterday and once the heating stops despite thick walls on our cottage it doesn’t take long before it starts getting cold.

Fortunately we have a log fire and so we were soon warming back up. We boiled a pan of water on the fire and so most importantly the supply of Tea never ran out. As we have no near neighbours or mobile signal where we live and my wife has a rare lung Disease, Scottish Power kept us informed on the repair progress. I was amazed that even when the power did come back they phoned to check everything was ok for us, which was very nice. I have to say you would have never got that service down South (well lets just say we never did). So well done SP Energy