Morning Mist

This is one of my first photos taken with the new Google Pixel phone yesterday. I have to say personally I’m very pleased with the image quality, I hoped it would be at least as good as the iphone 6s plus which I had before, to my eyes it seems to be able to capture more detail especially in dark areas. It goes without saying that a SLR Camera could have taken a better picture, but I would have never packed one for a shopping trip. The old adage the best camera is the one that’s with you, is so true and that is the point of this site.  It’s not about award winning photos or a million likes, it’s about capturing a moment in time that stirs a thought or emotion in me.

One thing we have no shortage of in the borders of Scotland is weather. Fortunately or not the weather tends to pass through very quickly. If you don’t like what’s on offer when you first pull back the curtains in the morning, don’t worry something different will be along very soon.