At Home in the Scottish Borders

I must apologise for being away for three months, getting off the computer and doing lots of real world tasks has been very nice indeed. As we now live in the beautiful  countryside coming inside to sit and type is going to get harder and harder. As today it’s pouring with rain, that will happen here a lot. I thought it would be nice to catch you up on what has been going on lately.

First and foremost we (wife, me, dog and jackdaw) are now fully relocated in a ‘remote’ cottage in the Scottish borders. My nearest shop is about 6 miles away, my nearest supermarket 13 and the City of Carlisle is about 30 miles from here back down in England. The English border wraps around us and is only ever a few miles away but I’m most definitely in Scotland and very happy to be here. Just in case you were wondering  my nearest Scottish city is Edinburgh and that is 68 miles up the road and Glasgow is about 100 + miles depending on what route you take.

Some have described the valley we are living in as ‘bleak’ but the  sheep of which there are many here and me don’t see it that way. I’m Sure I’d be a happy man if I could  live here for the rest of my life. While I see very few people which suits me just fine, I am on the main single track road to the local town. So I do get traffic passing by ,but I’d call it a busy day if I was seeing more than 15 to 20 vehicles an hour, after 6 pm you can downgrade that to about  0 to 10.

We are renting our home from one of the large land owners in the area they seem very nice and have no problem with us having a dog. I can honestly say I doubt I could have found a nicer place to live from the garden sizes to how the rooms are laid out. I still have to pinch myself that we’re living here and every now and then I really believe I’m on holiday. That said I don’t recall ever working this physically hard on a holiday. I’ve been weed whacking and cutting grass for what seems like months lol. I’ve build fences, gates sheds and yes planted my beloved willows all around the property. I think we are sitting on just over an acre of land which has turned out to be more than enough for a 50 year old man who was out of shape. Getting a piece of land and working on it has to be the most enjoyable fitness program I’ve ever subjected myself to. I have long given up weighing myself, but let’s say my clothes all have a lot of space in them. The downside is my back is killing me and muscles I never Knew I had, scream out at night to me ‘WTF do you think you’re doing’.

Obviously having space, quiet and lovely views does come with some trade offs. I can not receive a mobile signal anywhere in a five mile radius of here. Our ‘broadband’ seems as slow as I First used in 93. Some years ago this lack of speed would have driven me crazy, but in all honesty I’ve very frustrated with the way the internet is shaping up it is no longer the free thinking, open minded space it once was. If anyone needs to contact me and thank god they seldom do we have a landline not that I’d answer it as i hate phone conversations. The only Tech entertainment that really works here is the Sky Box (satellite tv) and while for years I had a love hate relationship with sky its nice to have, as streaming anything more than 420p is almost out of the question  which is kind of shocking in 2016. I see no reason why everyone in the UK shouldn’t have access to low-cost superfast broadband as ‘They’ have deemed we must all work, play and shop online. Shame on BT and the government for dragging their feet on this, but that’s for another blog.

As the nights drawn in I really need to find something to occupy me other than just staring at the TV. I know I have my guitar and my Digital art, but in truth I have grown bored with creating on a computer I feel I need something real world to do with my hands. I’ve been thinking about revisiting something I did with my hands as a teenager and was rather good at … not that Lol, Sculpture you rude person. I will probably get back into it in a small way at first using some of these new fangled lol Polymer clays and see how it goes. I have some creatures I created in the 80’s as Acrylic art that would look brilliant in 3d, I’ll keep you up to date with my progress on that.

Anyway I won’t waffle on anymore and the dog seems to want to go for a walk in the rain, so till next time whenever that may be take care friends.