A Home in The Scottish Borders

Next week I finally get the keys to our new (to us) home in the Scottish Borders. It is everything we have been looking for, a farm cottage on about an acre of land, miles from anything that even resembles a town. The property stands near a single track ‘B’ road  and is surrounded by fields, about a quarter of a mile from the property is a small river about three quarters of a mile on from this lies the ruins of a Castle. The nearest neighbours are about half a mile in each direction.

The House is almost in a complete Technology free zone, by that I mean not a single phone network works on our property, our internet speed will be as slow as you can get before you get nothing at all. I guess for someone that has streamed music and TV everyday for years this would seem like a big negative, but in fact I’m kinda glad. I’m sick of the information overload , the 24/7 media driven doom machine we call ‘News’. Basically I’ve pretty much had enough of the modern world, I need time to detox myself of years of online detritus and to bring my mind and body back inline with the natural flow.

I’m looking forward to just sitting and staring out into the middle-distance. My aim is to Create a cottage garden on the property, currently it is just grass, weeds and broken down sheds. It’s been a while since I have had some big jobs to do and I will enjoy every second of it. Another thing I’m really looking forward to is seeing how our dog will react to a less anthropocentric environment,  I’ve always promised him a large place to run and play and finally I’m delivering on that promise and that is important to me even if it matters not to him.

It is my hope the cleaner Scottish air will help my wife to breathe easier and as a result stop her focussing on her disease and give her more time to just be. I think it is important that we both just stop and chill out,  For me Peace and quiet is far more important than anything else I can think of, without it I think eventually a form of madness takes hold. The icing on the cake is we will finally get to really see the night sky as we are living just a a few miles from some of the darkest skies (less light pollution) in the UK.

Below is a wonderful video of Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, England, Which is not more than a 35 minutes drive from our home.

THE KIELDER OBSERVATORY from InHouseFilms on Vimeo.

So that all I have to say for today .
Hopefully next week I can start to put some pictures up of the new place, but for now above is a valley view near our new Home. Have a great day Friends.