The Great Escape

Man was never meant to live like this, packed into towns and cities like sardines. Even if you are lucky enough to live in a ‘quiet’ suburb you probably still have to fight to hear the natural world over the soundtrack of modern life. Screaming kids, emergency services, home alone dogs, not to mentions every conceivable form of machinery available to the modern DIY enthusiast. Annoying as these are they all pale into insignificance against the radio, perish the thought that anyone anywhere could do a job outside without distorted music blaring out at them.

I’ve been forced to listen to other people’s crap for almost 50 years and I have to say enough is enough. Sure I make noise, but that’s my noise so screw you if you think I’m being hypocrite. I yearn to walk out into a garden in the middle of nowhere and scream and scream and scream a lifetime of frustration away without some busybody calling the police. I dream of actually stepping outside my  front door without the fear of activating the neighbour who will suddenly appear and want to tell me about all the ‘great’ things he’s been up to, I mean the nerve of these people.

Too much breeding has screwed (lol) the balance of humans on this planet from nice little manageable villages of strange but friendly folk, into mega cities full of self centred and self righteous  A-holes. If we were rats we be calling the exterminator, the earth my friend has a infestation of bipeds and the situations is only going to get worse, because these bipeds simply can not keep it in their pants.

Take the UK if people had been evenly distributed across this green and pleasant land we would all have enough space to think, breathe and live. No chance the people that control planning thought it would be just fine and dandy not to mention inexpensive to pack us all into the same places, so we could all piss each other off and be generally miserable.

From my view human civilization is a EPIC FAIL if we had been less civilised we would have never overpopulated and those of us left could have got a decent night sleep.

So thats it , I quit, the for sale sign is going up and the wife and I are going north. I’m looking for a place to rent where the store is a minimum of 5 miles away and you can only see you nearest neighbours if you look through binoculars. In short the adventure starts today, which is both scary and pretty darn amazing… Till next time