News or Propaganda

I have never been a fan of the News, In past articles I have written on the damage that a never ending cycle of negative news must be doing to western civilisation. Today however I want to look at the way the news media hijacks stories, sensationalises them and/or manipulates them to suite their own political ends. This of course is nothing new it’s been happening for hundreds of years, but I doubt at any time in human history has it been so invasive into peoples lives,not to mention so unquestioned by the masses that are entranced by it.

I’m fully aware that this is a multilayered topic which I simply can not do justice to in a few paragraphs, so I will simply highlight a couple of topics that have bothered me of late.

Lets start with political correctness, we now live in a time where almost without question, everyone in the media acts and speaks in a particular way that has been deemed acceptable by the powers that be. We are so indoctrinated into political correctness that anyone who is not of this time, or up to speed with the latest ‘thought crimes’ can be easily discredited as sexist, homophobic or the medias favourite racist.

Time and time again people that have valid points can be side lined and demonised instantly by being hexed by any of these three previous labels. While in theory the UK still supports freedom of speech. The news media generally does not,even if it pretends it does. One has only to look how people who have views contrary to theirs are introduced. The classic Put down words are slotted in to discredit those deemed ‘inappropriate’ before the person has a chance to speak. Words such as eccentric, extremist, controversial, leaker, hacker even activist, are often included to encourage the majority that are reading watching or listing to simply mentally switch off.

Beyond this mental funnelling the News daily proclaims the innocent guilty by simply including their names in topics which outrage the public. A celebrity questioned by police in a enquiry into pedophilia will instantly be seen as guilty by the public simply by association. Often careers and credibility are left in ruins forever, even if they are not even charged. Like the witch hunts of the past once the finger has been pointed in a direction the media driven mob has no care of the facts all they want is to be titillated by a burning. Little has changed, nothing spices up a family evening like a famous person being brought to their knees on this, or that charge. How often have you heard or even found yourself saying ..’I knew he was to good to be true’.

So the News is used as a weapon to discredit and intimidate people. Now lets look at how the News media often fails to report important stories for reasons unknown. Ebola is a classic example of how the media has failed us. Many would be forgiven for believing that this current Ebola outbreak is but a couple of months old, which of course simply isn’t true. For whatever reason Ebola has been kept on the news back burner from the beginning of the year. If media had done it’s job and fully highlighted the outbreak and the disastrous ramifications of it from day one, the governments would have been forced to act much quicker and with much greater force.

Why the governments of the world were left off the hook by the media for so long will be the topic of conspiracy theorists for years to come. The media has know since the 70’s of the devastating possibilities of Ebola, yet they said little as it spread in the back waters of Africa, why i ask again? An unwillingness to provoke panic in the public? I very much doubt that, some years ago they made a hell of a hullabaloo about swine flu & Bird flu which both it could be argued where trivial when compared to Ebola.

I find it amazing how everyday across the planet great evils are being done and media fails to report them? It can’t be because of a lack of time, the news runs 24/7, 365 days a year. As to why some evils are reported and others not I leave for you to decide.

Finally I will return to another example of how the media attempts to shape the minds of it’s consumers. To my pet topic of the moment UKIP, while I fully appreciate you may disagree with there policies that is not my concern. What bothers me is how thousands if not millions of people who support the party are seen as irrelevant fools. How every single word spoken by party members is dissected by the media, in the hope that a negative headline can be extracted and posted. No stone shall be left unturned in an attempt to support the media mantra (no matter how wrong) that UkIP are simply shallow racists that no person of sane mind would ever vote for .

The ‘News’ offers up photos and comments that have often been taken out of context, only the strong of mind and heart will even bother to question the never ending deluge of propaganda, Sorry I mean News. Media corporations keep the Masses beguiled with tragedy and farce, often to remove their gaze from the stuff that they really don’t want you to see.

So as I often say ‘question everything’ and assume nothing. The News is and has never been a rock of unwavering truth, upon which you should build a life. It is only a point of view a snapshot in time that throughout history has often been discredited. Manipulation and corruption are still the favourite tools of the truly powerful (not celebrities and politicians) who all have their hands in the news media game