Don’t Hold Your Breath – lost love

Life can be great and it can also be a pile of poop.
We have all been scarred by events and people in our life, sometimes the very people we thought loved us end up hurting us the most. Heartbreak may be all in the head but if you have ever had the misfortune to truly feel this emotion then you have my deepest sympathy. People outside your personal pain can seldom grasp what you are feeling. They may offer words of comfort or simply demand you get over it. They say there are plenty more fish in the sea, but every love is different and everytime your heart breaks it gets a little colder. In the end we dare open up our hearts to anyone or anything, then we become cynical bitter and twisted old farts.

Our heart if it could would buy a time machine and go back to that time of wonder, that first glance, first crush, first kiss. We may all grow old on the outside but those emotions never leave us. First love is like the nectar of the gods it may be simply the trick of hormones or the mind, but nothing will ever taste so sweet or perfect again.

So while the heart would return and play the movie over and over again the mind couldn’t bare it. As the years pass who we loved and why we loved them fades on many levels, but once in a while a song a smell or a taste takes us right back to the frontline, the minute our world changed forever. So beautiful young people when an old man or women looks in your direction they may not just be lusting after your bodies as the media would have you believe or fear, they may be for a second simply remembering a time long ago when a girl or a boy they loved looked a bit like you.

oh Past loves and times If you think were coming back Don’t hold your breath.