Thoughts on the G word

No other word on the planet has provoked so many different emotions as the word God. This word has instilled as much love and peace, as it has hate and war.

The comprehension of the incomprehensible has challenged and beguiled the hearts and minds of men and women since time began.

More money has been raised in the name of God than for any other reason.

Both the aggressor and the aggressed claim God is on their side.

To some the concept of God is simply an outdated notion followed by fools; God plays no part in these peoples lives. To others, God is with them every second of every day. They exist to spread the word to those who see God as an outdated notion followed by fools.

Rational discussion on God it would appear is almost impossible, to attempt to do so can leave educated men and women scrapping like children in a play ground over a doll.

Once most men feared God, now most men fear those that believe in him.

Many would say fanatics from both religion and science have made this a very dangerous world. In their obsessions to prove or disprove the existence of God they have tipped mankind closer and closer to oblivion. Even the most impartial of human watchers must question. How the most God-filled can act in the most God-less of ways.

My personal view…
 When I take out my grandfathers’ pocket watch to marvel at its workmanship, seldom do I wonder how it was made or wish to take it apart to see how it works. I may think on it’s creator, but most of the time I’m simply am happy to know it exists and give thanks for my time with it. My View of the universe is exactly the same. I do however believe that Man’s Knowledge of everything seen and unseen, known and unknown is so minuscule, that for us to proclaim certainties on everything from our tiny spot in the universe is the height of foolish arrogance .

The simple fact is I believe in God, what God is, is beyond my comprehension, not to mention well above my pay grade lol.