Don’t mention Overpopulation

Note the following blog is on a topic few wish to discuss or even raise, I believe it is the most important subject facing mankind today. I fully understand that when it comes to the subject of overpopulation every possible solution will upset or outrage.

Mankind will cull any species that it deems is having a ‘negative’ impact on the planet or other creatures. Yet no one dare utter any methods to stop us eating and drinking ourselves out of existence because all options are political dynamite.

Maybe Beyonce would record a new version of her song ‘Should have put a condom on it’ in order to raise awareness that the planet doesn’t need yet more children. Like hell she would, no one would dare. Sterilisation, Abortion Euthanasia these are all words people avoid like the very plague that is long over due to cut us down to size.

People want Kids it is genetically our only purpose, but some of us have decided not to have them because we simply can not see a quality of life in the future worth having if we do. People separate their plastic and cardboard in order to make a difference but that’s chicken feed to the ultimate green action not having children. I don’t care if you believe in global warming or cooling but even the biggest thick head on the planet must understand Earth can not sustain a ever growing population.

So what to do ? Well it seems that generally speaking we refuse to believe death is a part of the circle of life. We demand that our doctors in the UK keep everyone alive no matter what the quality of life they are forced to endure . As sick as it may sound we can’t even look to World War to reduce our numbers, our weapons have become far to effective for their own good and are generally to destructive to the environment of our world, So options are very limited not to mention ugly. We either agree to stop having children on mass for a given time to create a breathing space for the planet, or we start forced mass sterilisation. I can here the screams already you sicko you nazi etc etc. Unless we can talk about this depressing subject in a level headed way and take proactive action your children or your children’s children’s will face mass starvation anyway ,or at ‘best’ a Mad Max style world of fighting over dwindling reserves of food, fuel,space and water.

The unspoken truth is that most people really don’t give a crap about their children or their children’s children they just want what they want. They want children in the same way they want the next BMW or smartphone. Sure they will never admit it but lets face it for most in the western world Children are often just another attempt to fill their personal void or give some reason to their lives perceived pointless existence.

When you see the poor starving people on the TV the best thing we could do is move in and euthanise them all, but that would be evil, sick and twisted, far better to try to keep then alive so they can fight and struggle always dancing on the edge of oblivion that’s the humane thing to do. We keep the sick and terminally ill alive to suffer just as long as we don’t have to see it first hand. We drug our terminally ill as far as legally possible so they won’t suffer as much. What exactly is Humane about given a few more hours, days, weeks to a human struggling for life in a bed?. The Truth is we dare not or legally can not do the Humane thing and simply and respectfully put them to sleep. Our laws are an arse because they are made by fit and well people who believe they will live forever, not those riddled with pain tossing and turning in a piss filled bed. So we end up treating our beloved pets when it comes to pain and death better than our own Kin.

So in truth as we can not even mention overpopulation we have to leave the problem to the Planet, God’s or random space rocks or an effective plague. That way when millions die we can all cry and weep at the loss, while secretly given thanks, as we know those deaths where sadly needed and at least we had no hand in it.

Search this topic on the web and you will find websites that actually advocate suicide in order to save the planet. I dare say extremist eco warrior somewhere are trying to produce some culling pill or worse. I don’t want to die right now, but their will come a time when living will have lost it’s appeal or simply have become to painful, can we not at least start solving our over population problem by giving those that want a way out a quick and relatively painless option.

Every Trekkie knows ‘the needs of the many out way the needs of the few’. The Question is who are the many and who are the few? Would a billion, two billion dyeing save the future of humanity? and if so for how long. Who right now on planet earth really wants to live and who really wants to die?

We all know It’s pointless me going on as the topic is to Taboo, a so we will carry on destroying our home until someday all that will be left is a husk, On which the living will finally and truly envy the dead.

A Final thought

Modern Man is in denial of so many things, and generally displays a complete apathy to any topic that doesn’t effect it’s limited circle of important friends or family. We hide behind the sofa when it comes to all the difficult subjects of life, we hope someone else will figure it out and take the blame if it goes wrong or is deemed unpopular. We Like the biblical Peter deny our own believes more than three times daily as we don’t wish to offend others, or fear being seen out of step with conventional politically correct thinking. We are all ultimately living an unsustainable lie, our only hope is we will die before it gets to bad, or we actually have to stare into the eyes of the future generation that we have so obviously failed. So separate your paper and plastic if it makes you feel good but don’t think your buying your kids any more time. Your children need, all humanity needs real action NOW, but in truth it is the action none of us even want to think about.

A world wide pragmatic approach must me agreed on and implemented soon, but be sure whatever is agreed most people won’t like it.