The Vortex Home

For anyone who has witness the death of a person or a beloved pet, the process can leave you none the wiser to the meaning of life. It is at this point that surely the universe will let down its guard and give up some of its secrets, but no.

A discussion on reincarnation, Heaven, Valhalla, call it what you will is very interesting but like so many topics it can leave people very hot under the collar. Science will say that there is no evidence for any form of life after death, those that believe there is, will not be swayed by man made logic.

Over the years I have thought much on this topic. I have to say I do not know where the ‘us’ the driver of the meat suit goes, but I fully embrace the concept of reincarnation of the body. It is a fact it happens on an elementary particle level. We are made from the stuff of the universe and when we die stuff will be made over time from us.

I guess I view the human body as simply a mode of transport for this energy to get around in, while on this earthly plain. As an interlinked Universe makes the most sense to me, I can’t see why this thing some call the spirit can’t be linked to all the others in the universe. This lifeforce spirit, divine essence call it what you like plays within form and time, simply observing and collecting experiences maybe for no other reason than to avoid boredom.

For most of us our gut instinct is that life is far more than just threescore years and ten, and the universe is far more than just a collection of stars and planets spinning in a great cosmic soup.

My Work ‘Vortex home’ for many depicts the returning of the spirit energy back to the source, for a time of reflection and recharging before it returns to Earth or any other point in the vastness of space and time. Does it really happen ? who really can know, not me for sure.

For me Death is not the end nor is it a beginning; it is just simply another ripple in the great ocean of possibility and energy. I respect all peoples opinion on this subject but conclude that no one knows for sure, logic and belief are used by people as guide ropes through life, they fill the vacuum of unknowing and for many stop insanity setting in .

Given the fact that absurdly enough it would ‘appear’ we are clinging to an environment sealed rock, zipping through space and time, I would seem to the universe what we call weird is just an every day occurrence.

Edited for today from my published article early 2008