International Sock Thief Caught on Camera

Have you see the sock Thief

Finally caught on camera the world renowned sock thief. It has long be believed that washing machine’s were in fact eating socks, but we can now disprove this theory once and for all.

Answering to the name of Woden this Leonberger has developed an addiction to all forms of Socks. He will stop at nothing to get socks of all colours shapes and sizes. What he does with the socks once he has them is still open to much debate, but he is costing the nation a fortune. If you are perplexed at the number of single socks in your cupboards you may well have fall victim to Woden and his stealth Sock extraction techniques. Wearing unmatching socks continually can have very deep effects on mental health. It can form a deep seated air of indifference called ‘No one will see’ syndrome this is where people wear totally different colour, lengths or styles of socks without any guilt or remorse.

It may well be the case that this dog is not alone, if you have pictorial evidence it is vital that is is made available to your nearest social networking site so we can know these villains and keep an eye open for them. Sock theft is not a victimless crime and should not be encouraged in your four legged friend.

This message has been issued by Sock Watch

Sock Watch – ‘Keeping feet out of sight and out of mind