Do you feel like a Zero?

Today my wife and I where up in town, when we saw in a doorway a young homeless man hugging a very old dog in a blanket. We asked him if we could get anything for his dog, he told us some food which we did. We got him some cans of food, water and gave him a little money. The man was very polite and grateful. While many would judge him as less than, my wife and I are both only to aware how few steps there are to ending up on the street.

Most people walk pass this man oblivious to his predicament and often so do we. Yes there are a thousand reason why this man and his dog ended up on the cold street floor and yes even the fact that it was a scam crossed my mind. In honesty I did not see a liar before me just a desperate soul who loved his dog in a world that didn’t care.

Despite giving a little money to the luckless of our world few of us are brave enough physically or emotionally to do much more. For many of us life is hard enough without taking on yet more problems and pain. I fully understand this and I know that the few pounds I toss the lost’s way, will make little, if any difference at all or maybe for that day, hour or minute it will who knows. I work on the principle  that even the most basic random act of kindness is better than no kindness at all.

Today I site typing on a Mac book pro in a warm home, but I’m fully aware that most of us are just a few pay cheques away from the street.

I found this great little video today so I thought i would just share it with you. If you feel less than or isolated from everything, you may enjoy it as it confirms what i know to be true everything is possible, despite what anyone says.

Zero from Zealous Creative on Vimeo.