Zazzle and Why I use it

As an artist who sells his work via Zazzle I’m happy make a small royalty that I set on each of my products, while this is not mega bucks anywhere from a few pence to a few pounds it does offer me the possibility of a world wide audience. The hardest thing for any artist is simply to get their work seen. Having a Zazzle store doesn’t mean your work is any more high profile than just having a website or facebook page. What having a Zazzle store does do is offer people a quick and easy way to view and then buy your work without having to worry about all the stuff most artist are usually not very good at. Zazzle offers all the trappings of modern e-commerce such as 30 day money back guarantees,  delivery tracking and shipping prints and t-shirts around the globe. I did all that myself for six years and I can’t say I enjoyed the stress of it.

For a long time I have undrstood that you can only make a living selling art to the ‘general’ public if you can sell it at a sensible price and without to much complication. Over the years i have sold thousands of prints at shows despite never having one Art critic or gallery give me the time of day. If people like your work and they can afford it they will buy it in some form, even if it’s a little postcard to send to a friend.

Yes you could try making a Damien Hirst living selling your work to the rich and famous as limited prints etc, but thats all about who you know it is art based on lies like the story of the The Emperor’s New Clothes. I tried it for a while but all the BS just made me sick.

I hope you will take a look at my Zazzle store, it’s still very new and I have many more designs to add both old and new. If you like my work please don’t be afraid to tell others this work was meant to be seen. I depend on you to help make it a success, as usual I thank you for your support even if it’s just a Tweet about what i do it all adds up. I have had a Zazzle store under another name for a few years and yes I do make a little money from it, the money get’s paid directly into my Paypal account once it hit’s a certain threshold which is nice and easy. Would I recommend Zazzle to others. It should not be seen as the only answer for a modern artist, it is just one of many possibilities for those who ultimately want to break free from the rat race and make a humble but enjoyable living as an artist.