When Your Truth is not Welcome

Not all truth is welcome, more and more it seems people in power or show business who speak their truth are forced a few days later to apologise or even resign because their remarks have offended someone somewhere, this is very sad. It means that inner truth is not equal and that freedom of speech is not truly supported. This can only make for a world of candy coated liars who only say what they think you want to hear.

Because all inner truths are not considered equal we have a world where many can’t express their opinions in public, they must go under ground or keep their ideas locked up inside, this can be very dangerous and this is no doubt how ‘radical’ groups are formed. Also this is why many people commit suicide unable to live or speak their truth because they are deemed to far out or taboo . Once again how many men or women of history have fallen into the freaks category for their time only now to be deemed Great. So how many great minds do we loose every year simply because their truth is out of step with the times?

The world we have constructed is not built on truth it is built on complete fantasy, what we have done is create a schizophrenic world where what you say and how you act is purely moderated by who you are with. We are all actors in a play of total deception, wearing masks to hide who we are and what we truly believe, It is no wonder so many are lost in addiction.
So it seems Jack Nicholson was right society probably ‘can’t handle the truth’.