Within Temptation

Today is the turn of symphonic metal band Within Temptation. Exactly why this band isn’t a household name is beyond me, without a doubt they produce some of the most Polished and addictive pop/rock songs i’ve ever heard. In fact I would have to place their latest Album ‘ The Unforgiving’ as the best set of tracks i’ve heard in over 20 years. Sadly I very much doubt that most of the musical herd would ever even give a track by a  ‘symphonic metal‘ band a listen. Placing this Pop/rock/metal band in such a poorly defined sub genre is a travesty of epic proportions.

In a world where mainstream radio playlists are not only banal and totally predictable it is nearly impossible that anyone would ever hear bands like Within Temptation on the airways, this is especially the case in the small minded UK. While I have no doubt many of this bands fans couldn’t give a damn if anyone has heard of them or not, it does seem a real shame that more people can’t experience the wonders of Within Temptation. I think that Sharon Janny den Adel is not only stunning but has one of the best voices in music today. It would be great to think someone would discover this band because of this simple blog. As always enjoy the videos and don’t forget respect the artist by buying some tracks.

Within Temptation Website