Time to Watch V for Vendetta Again?

For many the V mask has become the face of freedom the face of a fight against a unseen ‘New World Order’, globalisation, Government and big business. It is all to easy for the mass media to right off such people as crazy and yes I’m sure some of them are without doubt completely nuts. Over the years I have found that few things in life don’t at least have a small element of truth running through them. That is why I avoid the natural knee jerk reaction to mock things that don’t make sense to me. I simply can not right off all conspiracy theories as works of an over active mind. I guess I have to say ‘Are you Afraid all the time’ most people if honest would answer yes and that is the great weakness of man and the way we can and will always be manipulated by perceived good and evil. If V for Vendetta is about only one thing it is about that manipulation. Throughout history vast groups of people have been convinced, brainwashed if you like to see things in a ‘certain’ way, in the hope that the state will take care of them and keep them safe.

It is impossible for me to watch the clip below and not feel touched by it’s relevance, in fact many would say the film becomes more relevant everyday. There will be those that watch this film and see no more in it than any other work of fiction, but these are probably the same people who claim to have the whole Universe thing figured out.