The Buck Stops with You / Me

Me giving me a good talking to and if it resonates maybe you as well 🙂

How can it be that you still look for the answers in others, beyond yourself, when all the wisdom’s on earth have pointed to the fact that the answers you seek are within you. Could it be that such an idea still appears too simple too frightening to you? How much easier it is to feel unworthy and powerless, a victim of some cosmic conspiracy. Playing at being damned is the oldest game in town. Waving you fist and blaming the Gods, or believing you’re being tested is a pathetic but time honoured way to side step the universal truth that ‘you are it’, the buck stops with you.

The universe is waiting for you to make the next move, little old powerless you, with your highly polished tales of woe and despair. You – the great truth seeker who turns way from any spiritual concept that points the finger in your direction and suggest you have universal energy flowing through you and that all this ‘mess’ is your own divine comedy, that can only be fixed by you.

Yes it’s great fun blaming everyone else for this ‘nightmare’ but it really is wearing a little thin after all this time. You’re still sitting waiting for a life to show up, the lotto numbers, the new house, the holiday, the moment in some distant future when everything will fit together and you’ll be filled with ‘love and light’ forget it, just forget it .

You’re keeping it in the future because you don’t believe it can really happen cos ‘nothing good ever happens to you does it?’. You have no faith, that mustard seeds still got you beat. You think you have it all figured with your wonderful mind full of quotes and concepts but the pit of your stomach is telling a different story. You’re just not buying the fact you are a powerful being. You’re not buying the fact that you have ‘the power’ to change your world by a shift of your own perception.

You are scared to be the one you’ve be waiting for all along because you know you only too well. You just haven’t got what it takes when things get tough. Is that really true or simply just another get out story so you can look to the next person to help fix up the world. ‘I -who can do nothing’ never will. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

So how can it be that you’re still looking to others when you control your power and hold all your answers?