New World Order

The idea of a New World Order has been kicking around for years. I don’t believe you have to be a gun toting conspiracy theorist to see that the world is changing. Freedoms are slowly being eroded the lines between government and corporations are blurring. Real choice is evaporating as stores, news and media become evermore simply different heads on the same beast.While countries like China buy up whole slices of the planet the general public become less aware of real life and more absorbed into trivial gossip, game and reality shows.Empire building is not dead it just goes on in board rooms and on computer screens. Maybe we will wake up one day to find that not only our country, but our bodies have been sold to the highest bidder. By the time the Tanks roll in, the war which most never thought was happening will be over and lost. I know this sounds impossible, but many things over the years have sounded impossible but time and time they have been achieved, often much quicker than people could have possibly imagined.  If you had told the younger me that we would spend our lives online (which wouldn’t have even meant anything) and that shopping and entertainment would be simply a click away I would say you where crazy. Yet between leaving school in 1983 and now in may ways we are living in a different world.

What really constitutes a New World Order anyway, you could say it’s happened time and time again The Roman empire, The rise of Christianity even the British Empire were all New World Orders. Some lasted longer than others but all have been supersede by something ever bigger, stronger and far less obvious.While Your kids may not be staring down the barrel of a tank, do not be as naive to believe the world your children have been born into will in anyway be the same as the one you ‘enjoyed’ .

Laugh off the idea of a New World Order it’s silly right? Or is it ? Only you can answer that as only you can determine what constitutes change that would warrant such a spooky title. Maybe Resistance is futile, maybe the war that never was, came in the night and we all lost?

The truth maybe out there, but would you really want to know it ?