Ginnungagap ‘Fire and Ice Collide’

If you wish to read up on the traditional tale of  Ginnungagap you can Google It, below I have written my short but deep spin on this Norse Creation Myth.

Most religious, spiritual and even scientific creation tales / theories start with a void, blackness: Ginnungagap was the name of such a place for the men of the north. I have long since realized that man’s concept of what equates to a ‘nothing’ or a ‘void’ is simply a perception. I personally do not subscribe to the idea that there could ever be a place where nothing existed. It should not be seen as fanciful to believe that even in the ‘emptiness’ of space, a lot is indeed going on that cannot be detected by our feeble senses or measuring tools. The womb is empty but from the unseen comes a child. It is hard not to conclude that even in our cynical times child birth is still something of a miracle, a universal equivalent of pulling the rabbit from the hat.

We know that there are billions of stars and probably many billions of planets so who’s to say that Universes aren’t in fact a dime to a dozen. The scales humans work on may seem miniscule to powers and energy unseen.But I digress,  into this great void ‘Ginnungagap’ over eons mixed parts of the lands of fire (Muspelheim) and Ice (Niflheim) which brought forth a ‘creating steam’ or as I like to think of it – a cauldron of possibility from which all things we are now aware of sprang forth. This really is no different than the current in vogue ‘big bang theory’. I have no doubt that fire and ice are indeed metaphors but anyone with half a brain cell can see that the Norsemen were pointing to a chemical reaction (magic if you like) where certain energies met and forged life as we know it .

I am very taken with this tale as while it has the void, it also has what I would call the Yin and Yang of life which here is Fire and Ice but equally could be dark and light, female and male, low and high, cold and hot, earth and air etc. etc. etc. In many religious creation tales everything is born from the power of some super being or energy. The Norse Myth points to the idea that everything (Non-dualism) is made possible by duality. This may be hard work to get your head around but it is something I have contemplated for over 6 years, the level at which we deem something whole or separate. The concept I always use is the human form from our eyes is it a whole one thing, but we know that billions of individual cells go in to make up the walking talking us.

We also conclude that the planet earth is one thing floating in ‘empty’ space, yet without the pull of planets, moons and the sun our world would be a very different place. So this Earth is not separate from all the other stuff that makes up our galaxy and likewise all these galaxies in turn make up our universe. I personally don’t see any reason why universe can’t make up something even bigger which is beyond our imagination. All this may seem a little above and beyond the myth of fire and ice meeting in a void but it is not.

Mankind always mocks these simple tales as backwards and foolish but the people of the past were no dimwits. They may have known more than us on many things but because tales and metaphors are not really used in ‘science’ we just wrote this off and many other tales as hogwash, often failing to look deeper. I mean how embarrassing would it be if a mere Viking knew more than us in 2013.