Life is Simple, thinking about it isn’t

Life is simple, so very simple it requires very little effort, many will disagree but they are confusing thought about life with just living. Thought about life is profoundly problematic, life in the mind is complex hard and even very frighting. Life just is. If you want food you seek food if you can’t find it you starve. If you want fun you play if you don’t you won’t, if you make a ‘mistake’ you simply make a ‘mistake’ no matter the out come you just live with it. If you make a ‘mistake’ that kills you your dead. When you are tired you sleep, if you can’t your awake etc etc.

Life is not complicated mind is. In Life every action simply happens, without narration, it is the ranting of the mind, the constant overview and judgements of the ‘ego’ that binds and torments the heart of mankind. Over the past years I have learnt to separate life happening from mind thinking. I’m aware that ‘shit happens’ and i’m also aware that i can turn it into a theatrical production in which i play the great victim or I can not.

On a level of just being human my body and body mind* are at work as one. I’m unaffected by most things, physical pain may  come and go but without thinking pain has no added fear. My body adjusts to temperature sounds and form. Via movement and reactions I get from A to B without to much of a problem. Mostly my body functions very happily without any input from my thinking mind or really much awareness on my part.

On the level of thinking mind I am often pissed off, happy, angry, confused, aroused, frustrated, exalted and then again at times sadly trapped by a inability to succeed in the way i wish i could, or have been told i should. Yes I can put a gloss on thought patterns and make like I’m in a perfect alignment with life. Yes i can lie but I know that under the pretence of a zen like calm, hot lava of emotions flow in brain, always waiting for a reason to explode out onto the world.

So what’s my point, my point is that life is simple and every thought i have about it isn’t. When I rant and scream or act in a apparent irrational way I am grabbed by a form of madness . This madness I believe is driven by a need to be ‘simple’ again like life, sadly the thinking mind can’t undo centuries of  programming, It must think, be consumed and titillated by words, thoughts, religion, science and more for is that not it’s purpose? The mind has been trained to over think everything it has been forced to worship at the altar of knowledge and bask in it’s perceived glory. Not to think is unthinkable and to most worse than death.

I personally love words and contemplation indeed all of mankind’s concepts are beautiful puzzles to get lost in or unravel. While i know thinking is important to me I have become aware it is not life. Life is simple, when it’s not it’s just all in the head.