Why it is never Nature Vs Humans

Talk to many people about Nature and Mankind and you could get the idea that we have nothing to do with each other. It as if some how Humans just turned up one day and started hacking trees down and building malls. Like most things your view of man or nature is built up from your belief system and how you feel we came to be here in the first place. It also all depends on your view of what nature is or isn’t.

I would suggest that Humans are simply a part of nature and what we do and how we act may be exactly what we are superposed to do no matter how destructive it may be.

Death and destruction are not simply the domain of man, Earth and universal nature over the eons have trumped the genocidal acts of any of our history’s dictators time and time again. Likewise man and nature have both shown sides that can be seen as aspects of peace and love. Whether it be a seedling breaking through the soil or a woman giving birth daily life begins again. The ‘struggle’ that is life is everywhere. Trees and plants vie for limited nutrition and water, Animals eat or are eaten and yet many people view nature through a distorted Walt Disney lens. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost ten years, I love to walk in Nature, I crave open space and peace but I’m not rapped in some fools paradise. The world is at war daily on every level possible from the bacteria in petri dishes to the battle fields of the middle east. Nature all nature is not some stationary perfection it is ever evolving lava flow of discontent. Even the supposed emptiness of space is a cauldron of creation and destruction that take place in the blink of a intergalactic eye. Stars and planets are born live and die just like us. Whether you embrace this view of life or not, you’re in it.

Our evolutionary status is impressive when compared to alga in a pond but at the end of the day we are no less subject to the planetary conditions of the moment. Mankind may indeed destroy the earth for us to be able to live on and yes from our limited view that would be a great shame for us. I have no doubt that the universe has see it all before, species come and go all the time. From this universal perspective humans could be doing what humans do they break down planets just like Asteroids or cancer cells break down us. You may laugh at such a crazy notion but lets face it our purpose for being here is a little vague.

All things are being broken down from the moment they are created everything is both hunter and hunted and yes while we may appear as top dog for now that will change and probably much sooner than we would like. The one truth that few can deny is nothing lasts for ever.

What I’m talking about has been called by some the circle of life which includes death the very thing most believe ends life. Always out of the fires of destruction a new creation grows. All things have a life span with elements that match our concept of seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter play out above, below and even within every single cell.

Both the season of Nature and life are a constant reminder that everything will/must change but when it does it’s nothing personal its just life being well life. I guess many will see this as little comfort but it’s how you view your place in the mix. If you value your personal identity and believe yourself important then yes the message that we are just cells on cells on cells in the dance of life holds little or no comfort.

While life may never play out as we would wished we should never overlook our unique perfection before we dive back into the cosmic ocean and take on some new form. We dwell within never ending palette of potential which will never be broken by the simple demise of us or even this planet. Humans vs Nature may make a great title for a B movie but only those fail to question everything can see it as a reality. We are and will always be one of natures many intriguing forms.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m all for the destruction of us or our planet or I like the the way we are fouling up our Eco system . I just believe no matter what we do it will happen, maybe tomorrow or in 5 billion years but it will happen. When it does all our struggling and word fame won’t mean a thing.