Epica+ Symphonic,Goth and Folk Metal

I was about 14 years old (1980’s) when I went to see Iron Maiden at Hammersmith London, I enjoyed the metal scene for  a few years but then got into electronic music, then trance and over the last few years classical. I have always prided myself on an ability to appreciate different musical styles from Linkin Park to Enya but i must confess i had not bothered to follow the evolution of metal. This summer I discovered Symphonic, goth and folk metal, I have to say i’m loving it. I’m sure those of you who have been into this music for years will role your eyes at my general ignorance of this music style but I believe like a wizard knowledge arrives precisely when it means to (LOTR).

So with the help of Youtube I am discovering new (to me) bands from the lighter rock of  Within Temptation to the heavy folk metal of  Eluveitie . I’ve never been a big fan of simply what i would call a ‘wall of noise’ and so i tend to like bands whose music fluctuates and has layers hence why Eluveitie is probably the heaviest this old duffer would listen to. Anyway the love for this new musical genre all started with Epica, So I thought i would post some videos from their official Youtube channel so maybe someone else may discover them for the first time . Oh the metal death growls and grunts may seem very strange at first even annoying but now I am unfazed by it, i’ve found myself mimicking it, it’s kind of therapeutic.

Enjoy 4 tracks from Epica have a great day – A.V

Epica Website