Nature it’s free

Once upon a time, not so long ago, people didn’t drive off to the mall or walk around food or DIY stores for their entertainment. Nor did they waste endless hours watching other people on TV do the most mundane things.

No in this almost forgotten time peoples lives revolved around nature. People watched, worked, and were in awe of it. What nature did really mattered; it wasn’t just seen as some inconvenience.

It is my belief that this recession could rekindle our interest in Nature, the world that lies beyond the vulgar and discredited binge of material goods that really never brought us anything more that a constant feeling of lack and disappointment.

So put down your tablet or mobile phone and give nature a go it’s free. Yes let’s go out side into and onto those empty parks, downs, and woods. Yes even when it’s raining and dull, maybe especially then.

I fully understand there are now many people who have never ever walked in a wood or a park and in truth they are not mentally geared up for what they will or won’t discover. What may appear as silence at first could seem very dull or even frightening but slowly as their hearing adjusts, all kinds of unheard sounds will come to the fore. They may feel their heart beating faster, (that would be the walking lol) hear their breath and if they are brave they could stop for a while and just be engulfed by the wonder that is life.

Looking up to the sky will bring your place in the world into sharp focus. You are a very small but not insignificant part of the whole of nature. In fact you are blessed for you can see more, sense more and be more than any other animal on the planet. You hold a freedom and an abundance that money just can’t buy; you are for a fleeting moment in time ‘alive’. You are nature experiencing it’s self.

Get wet, get muddy hey even hug a tree (they like that) watch nature going about its business. It’s far more captivating than any script ever written and a lot more complex and confusing than you know.

So maybe this Sunday, rather than traipsing around some generic, faceless not to mention expensive store, put on clothes that your ego will hate and drive or better still walk and make first contact with Nature. If you have already discovered the wonders of the natural world don’t be shy tell others they will probably be very interested in the fact they won’t have to pay out a fortune. (Because whose got one of those now days)

If you walk to a patch of green and are totally at a loss to know what to do or just can’t see the point, I can assure you don’t worry there isn’t one. Right from the smallest fungus to the tallest tree everything is just going about it’s business without a set of known instruction or a list of goals. In nature (which like it or not includes you) all things are equal. Nothing is without worth. So thankfully nature is pointless in the most beautiful way possible.

The constant need for sensorial stimulation is not mankind’s natural state; we have become disconnected from life in our search for the next thing. Much like the cocaine addict that sees nothing but the way to the next fix. We are constantly transfixed with the need to do and seldom happy to just be. With this dysfunctional view we miss so much of life for as wonderful as the web, Youtube, ipads, game consoles etc are – they are not life, they are often simply poor distractions from it. So as the shops and banks close as people loose their supposed purpose in life maybe just maybe they will seek the truth the lies behind the theatrical drama that is played out daily by the media. Maybe for the first time in years people will discover the wonder of the world outside their door.