The Never Ending Dance

Why do most of us do whatever it takes to make life more of a drama then it needs to be? We at times pick verbal and physical fights with friends and loved ones or even complete strangers. Despite all we know most of us will have times in our life when we start down routes of self destruction via too much booze or drugs or we simply push the sexual boat out further and further until what we believed was fun becomes a nightmare. Humans do all these things and more to scupper our chances at being at peace Why? Do we even know?

Natural beauty is rarely enough, a picturesque view can seldom still the heart for long. Many beliefs and religions refer to this restlessness as suffering, sin or ‘Dukkha ‘ monkey mind. It really doesn’t matter what we call it or why we think we act this way, we just do.

Life ‘just is’, but the human mind has made a game that layers over life that makes us believe that we are small, separate and lost. This as a concept would appear totally ludicrous to even the smallest cell that relies on and is part of everything. Not one thing in the known or unknown universe can function without anything else. Yet Humans stand in direct opposition to what ‘is’. We believe that we are apart from life, that we are separate from each other, the elements, the planet, the sun, the universe. It is no wonder we all feel so ‘wrong’ – how absurd we are. Life is visually very complex but it all works with the greatest of ease. Even death is perfect life in action, It is not a failing, a separation, it is but more food for life. So above as below we are the cells of the universe in this never ending dance of life.