Just life happening

There are many that believe that the last days of 2012 will mark the start of something big. They speak of the start of an Ascension to a new level of thinking, or indeed a physical ascension that will whisk us away to a new and higher realm. For as many people that talk of such things there are those that focus on a darker climax to 2012, the end of life as we know it, Armageddon, the end of days that so many belief systems talk of.

For me I see and feel nothing special about this year, sure the media and governments are transfixed by the global depression or recession. Violence, wars and old style hate may appear to be on the rise. The ‘great’ religions of the world seem once again to be vying for followers, entering more radical phases as if preparing for some metaphysical set too, but that for me is all just life happening and nothing out of the ordinary.

Sure few younger people can remember it so bad, but looking beyond short term history you would still have to say on many levels we as humans have never had it so good.

Personally I cannot and would not want to see the future. All I can say is 2012 is just another 365 days, which hold no greater or lesser weight to them than any other number of days since counting days became fashionable.

I know some of you may feel very disappointed maybe let down about my view of this ‘special’ Year but you really shouldn’t be. I hope you respect my views on 2012 as I do yours, even if we can’t agree.

Over the past years I have come to what some may see as a radical view of life I shall not go into it to deeply here, except to say I do not subscribe to the idea that one day, month or year is any more special than any other.

So much as I enjoy talk of mayan calendars, planet alignments,conspiracies and prophecies I cannot and will not, see anything more in today than yesterday or come to that tomorrow. If I put on my hippie hat on which i do from time to time I could say every second is perfection beautifully interconnected with the next. Less comforting but equally true i could say Universally Earth time is so irrelevant and fleeting that beyond Mankind few even bother to keep it. If there is a universal pocket watch it doesn’t have marks for tiny time scales like millions of years.

Maybe on the 21st of December 2012 this race will be wiped off the planet or come to that maybe the planet maybe wiped off the galaxy or the galaxy…well you get the picture, who can say. Whatever happens or doesn’t it’s all ultimately fine, it’s just the everything doing what it does and it’s never personal. Much as cells die within our body day in day out without us even grieving their passing, we to will pass unknown universally speaking. That said like our cells we should never underestimate our part in the great play of life but all things ultimately fade and become something else. The universe and whatever lies beyond is a great recycler.

Please Note words fail when it comes to these types of descriptions, so don’t get to hung up on what i say or how i phrase it.

Never forget that in our Universe things seen and unseen come and go, are smashed and reformed again and again. Death is not a universal concept in is simply a man made one … Universally all things are simply reshaped and used again for reasons and purposes we may never know in this life form .

Many will find little comfort for their ego in what I write but that is neither here or there ,Universally everything is just fine it’s all as it should be even it does rain on your parade or life.

You will have a perfect end to 2012 because nothing else is possible. As to if your ego will like it or not well that a completely different matter which is totally down to you.

Enjoy the ride my friends