Fact Nuclear power stations are not 100% safe.

Todays blog is short and to the point, Nuclear power stations are not 100% safe or reliable no person on earth can claim that they are. Given that is a fact that can not be fudged by anyone why would you let one be built near you? The UK is a small country when one goes wrong where are you going to go? How many solar panels or wave machines can you build for the price of one of these ticking time bombs? millions? Worried about wind turbines spoiling your view? open your heart and mind view the images on the link below and maybe what was objectionable will suddlenly look just fine.

The Chernobyl disaster 24 years on a photo essay by the Independent

Voice your objections to new nuclear power station whenever they are proposed the future of your children is worth more than a promise of jobs.

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Bradwell nuclear power station hit by fire
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When it come to radiations any risk is to high.

When it comes to the worlds energy problems there are no easy answers, I think we all have to play a part in evaluating the risk of any energy source and not just simply take other peoples word for it. Maybe Nuclear power is the lesser of all the evils but somehow I very much doubt it.