Lies, my art and when words run out.

It is my belief that words are highly overrated and in general the less said the better. Words have become shields to hide behind or should I say lie behind as most of what we say is either a known or unknown lie. Many words and phrases we use daily are totally pointless and a veil to hide the fact that we often couldn’t care less. For example the daily ‘how are you?’ to friends and colleagues we meet especially in western cultures is just a throw away line. It is not really a question that wants a real answer a simple acknowledgement is all that is require back something like ‘good’ ‘great’ or a ‘Not to bad ‘ will do nicely, the truth is not required as it would often take to long. Often that is the end of the conversation and both parties go on about their day. What has really happened here other than two parties playing their roles in one of life’s banal plays.

If we look harder into the words we use, we find that the above example is just the tip of an ice berg of lies. ‘love you’, ‘ I’ll ring you’, ‘stay in touch’ , ‘ you look great’, ‘you’ll be fine’ it goes on and on and on. Lies upon lies upon lies and all the time on some level our bodies yearn to tell the truth. To be really honest, but we know often that would be too painful or rude. Seldom would we want someone to speak the truth to us and so out of a misplaced politeness we all play the game. The need for Political correctness has in fact changed little in our minds but it has forced us simply to lie more and more.

So why do we do it? Why do we speak at all? That comment people sometimes get told ‘If you’ve nothing good to say don’t say anything’ if practiced would make for a much better or at least quieter world. So where am I going with all this, well where I think i’m going is that words have become redundant they have lost all credibility with us on any deep level. They do not in anyway represent the true way we think or feel. As I look around, I see that words are just tools for manipulation and marketing. Knowing this we still seek them out daily to reassure us in this pointless pantomime of lies.

I am often asked to talk or write about my work and I do confess to enjoy this aspect of being an artist but I have become increasingly aware that my words even the best of them limit the scope of my work. For as many people my words impress or inspire an equal amount will be alienated by what I say. I have said all my life in many different ways visual art connects to the heart …or it doesn’t. In truth if words need to be spoken about art then that connection has not been made and the art is no longer to do with the heart but has become like so much in our life an intellectual pursuit in which despite the best intentions lies abound.

Would you look at my Art work with no description no story to back them up? Maybe, but I feel the need to know, the need to ask from the public every time I show my work . I believe that my art has taken me on a spiritual journey, that it points to a wisdom beyond words, a state of being that ‘just is’ within us all. I write it, I speak it, it feels true to me but it could be said that it’s just a good angle, a good hustle and what would I have to defend myself from such accusations? Just words lots more words.

Some day I believe words will run out. They will have become so discredited that any word uttered will simply receive a chorus of mocking laughter. We will return to a time before words, where we will know everything we need to know about people from their body language. We will learn once again to see the truth in their eyes and marvel or recoil at their action without a constant narrative.