I believe then that literal Harmony on an earthly plane can only ever be a state of mind rather than a reality. This does not mean that those that seek to inject harmony into their life are on a hiding to nothing or living in a fantasy world. The key is to start within to view all ones inner emotions and just be with them to know that what ever your thinking or feeling at any given moment will pass. The highs and the lows are just part of the ebb and flow of life. Neither in truth have any more universal value and any attempts to maintain one over another is ultimately doomed.

When you can begin to see that whatever you think or feel like is just a passing phase and not a fixed reality maybe we can step back from our emotional drama and see it whole. The sea has raging waves yet the sea it’s self is not raging, or as the saying goes ‘a cloud does not put our the sun. Maybe we could say that this cosmic drama takes place on a stage of harmony that is never effected by the divine comedy which whips life up into a perplexing frenzy on it.

I fear that for many none of this will make much sense as the drama is far too important, too close and too real. I could be said emotion stops life stagnating but we should understand emotion is not life or even reality, anymore than I am my arm or leg. Depending where you place your limits on harmony will determine if you succeed in achieving any level of it in your life.

We often say lets be in harmony with nature but what part? Nature is a roller-coaster of events and contradictions spring, summer, autumn, winter, birth and death. You have to take the cycle and find harmony with it all and like wise we have to do the same with our inner turmoil and outer drama for if we don’t we will never be at peace. It really comes back to ‘Life just is’ everything is as important and unimportant as everything else. When one day this can be truly grasped by everyone harmony may finally be a reality.

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