Violence is a universal thing.

The drama of life and death are echoed across the cosmos in a myriad  of ways, from the darkness of some ancient blackhole to the very particles that make up the fibres of man. Many people hold an idealised concept of nature and a deeply condemning view of humans but I believe both are exactly the same, neither are good or bad, they just are. Death and destruction are not simply the domain of man. Earth and universal nature over the eons have trumped the genocidal acts of any of history’s dictators time and time again. Likewise man and nature have both shown sides that can be seen as aspects of peace and love. Whether it be a seedling breaking through the soil or a woman giving birth daily life begins again. The ‘struggle’ that is life is everywhere.

Trees and plants vie for limited nutrition and water, Animals eat or are eaten and yet many people view nature through a distorted Walt Disney lens. I love to walk in Nature. I crave open space and peace but I’m not trapped in some fools paradise. The world is at war daily on every level possible from the bacteria in petri dishes to the battle fields of the middle east. Nature is not some stationary perfection it is an ever evolving lava flow of discontent. Even the supposed emptiness of space is a caldron of creation and destruction for in a galactic blink of an eye, stars are born live and die. The status of Mankind may appear impressive when compared to alga in a pond, but both are totally reliant on the planetary conditions of the moment.

The Seasons of human life stand as a constant reminder that everything will change but when it does we must understand it’s nothing personal its just life being. Many will see this as little comfort but I guess it’s how you view your place in the mix. If you value your personal identity and believe yourself important then yes the natural way of life is something to fear. If  however you see yourself as simply a fleeting moment in the never ending cosmic dance then I for one see a beauty in that.

We all dwell within a never ending palette of potential which will never be broken by the simple death of a form. Humans are simply a tiny part of the great tapestry of everything known and unknown. We can be at war or we can be at peace but universally speaking we can never be in control. Violence if defined as physical force used to inflict injury or damage is everywhere. Ultimately it will end you and me, be it from the damage we do to ourselves or from the damage done by external forces. What we perceive as peace can last for seconds or centuries but ultimately it’s just nature or humans taking a break before the next violent act in which we will either play a roll or be seen as collateral damage. To put it simply  Life’s emotional and then you die, but what’s the point you may ask? For me the point is whatever you or I want it to be. You don’t need me to tell you that If there is an ultimate purpose to everything thousands of years of war and debate have left the majority of us non the wiser.  Enjoy your day !

Adapted from an article first published by A March 12, 2010