Why the Machine loves Rage

So Simon Cowell failed to get christmas number one with another x-factor creation because of a Facebook campaign by Jon and Tracy Morter which had decided to push/promote the Rock band ‘Rage Against The Machine’ and their single Killing In The Name. I guess a few years ago I would have thought that a big win for the people but that was when I was still a little naïve.

Yes the point has been proved that Mr Cowell is not invincible but didn’t we all know that really. Like all shooting stars Simon will burn out one way or the other and probably much sooner than people think, nobody can keep up his kind of schedule for long. Lets get it clear right now Simon, no matter how powerful or rich he appears is not the machine any more than Brown or Obama really run the UK or USA. The Machine is faceless and you simply can’t rage against it because it simply turns your rage into money. When a battle like Joe vs the Machine happens the true winners are the download companies and all the Machines that back them and make them work.

The real Machine loves Rage, Peace, war, sex, religion in fact everything because no matter what is the order of the day it will make money from it and become ever more powerful. I guess some will be deluded into thinking that this record getting to number one is the start of some revolution some new “Anarchy in the U.K” but even if it is (which I doubt) the real Machine will fan the flames as long as there is money to be made and then blow them out when it is no longer profitable .

Armchair anarchists
Most ‘anarchist’ could never live in a world of anarchy as they would be dead in a few days. Most are happy to rage as long as they have food, warmth and a fast internet connection. Rage against the Machine, are clever enough to know just how much to rage to keep the pay cheques coming in and that’s just fine by be, just as long as no one really believes the real machine even gives a F*!K about them or feels even the smallest bit threatened by their musical rants.

As you know I love all kinds of music in fact my favourite band for this year has been Pendulum but I would still rather have a traditional christmas song at number one no matter who that would upset. While I’m not a Christian, getting back to the real meaning of Christmas – goodwill to all men  and giving thanks for what we have, is long over due in the media. I wish we could get back to some real Christmas songs before anyone gave a fig about having the X-factor and just wanted some fun.