The Meatrix ( meet your food )

My wife and I have been vegetarian for over 5 years, I never really even think about it or mention it, ok apart from now an then on this blog. I’m not on some crusade to make the world vegetarian and I’m happy for people to eat meat if they want to. I believe you can only make a life changing action like giving up meat because you really want to, doing it to please others or as some rebellious statement is not the way to go . Reluctant vegetarians will never stick with it for long and it will make life very miserable for everyone, except for the animals that is.

I gave up eating all flesh because of a movie Pam Anderson had done on KFC chicken farms. This one film was enough to change my view of the meat industry. I know that there are farmers that do care about their animals and try to give them a good life. But as money becomes more tight people will want things cheaper and cheaper it will be animals that will have to pay the price, in a uncaring money motivated food chain. Personally if I had to eat meat (which I don’t) I would pay more for it and only buy food from a ethical farming line.

Eating meat is optional for humans I know this is not the case for other animals, I choose not to force vegetarianism on my dog any more than I give my guinea pigs a T-BONE.

Below are the cartoons the Meatrix and Meatrix 2 they relay the message without scaring you with shocking images of the real thing , which I think at times can be counter productive.

I personally could no longer eat meat, but for those that do just don’t eat it in ignorance.

I would suggest the following videos are not suitable for children but then again what do I know.