Yoga and the YOGA Show London, Olympia

So it is almost upon us, the biggest event of the year the YOGA show at London Olympia. This week I have been creating new signage and cutting out nearly 200 backing boards for when my prints show up some time next week. Such a show is always some what of a financial gamble with stand fees of many hundreds. Such an event comes with many questions, will it be everything we hope? will anybody show up? will all the monetary outlays be met etc etc…

I have long since found that such fears are ultimately best left at home as they can strangle an event before you even start. No a deep breath is required and as Wayne Dyer says ‘Let go and let god’.

So why exactly is an artist showing and selling work at a YOGA show. Well 1st of all we do a number of events with ‘Prime Impact’ (the Organizers) over the year and we wanted to give a different style of show a go. While I enjoy the MBS fairs for me it is important not to get set in one way and try different things. Also I believe YOGA points towards a truth that lies much deeper than simply the striking of what would be for me impossible poses.

Yoga refers to traditional mental disciplines as much as it does physical ones. Yoga originated in India and it is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.The word Yoga has many meanings but the one that deeply resonates with me is Union. It is the philosophy of yoga spread by Yogi’s that I find interesting rather than trendy exercise most gyms have latched onto.

Rāja Yoga principal is the achieving of liberation over the mind via meditation. It is suggested that a good level of physical heath is required before the mind can be tamed. As a non dualist I find all the codes of conduct in Yoga fascinating but simply another plaything to amuse the mind. That sounds flippant but I worry that once again many people will get lost in the doing of yoga and miss the simple being which I believe Yoga points to.

I have not had the time or inclination to dig dip into the Yoga text but what I believe it all points to (and I happy to be wrong) is this simple being that I talk so much about in my work. The natural state that operates undisturbed below the level of thought. This life, this being, this divine matrix, this everything which we are all a part of operates throughout the universe is an uncontrollable force. By that I mean uncontrollable in much the same way we can’t control our organs from the level of thought. To that ends in order to truly embrace the everything one must surrender mentally not in the manner of War where one is ultimately defeated, but in the manner of Love where no-things matter.

The five Kleshas point to the stumbling blocks to this surrender I have summarized these below in my own way…
Ignorance (a belief that knowledge holds the key to peace)
Ego (The belief we are separate, the ultimate illusion )
Repulsion (The belief anything is good or bad, all is equal no thing is below or defective)
Attachment (The belief that we are our possessions that things matter beyond the superficial is a impossible dream we try to make real)
Clinging to life (The belief that death is somehow a failing runs through society like a cancer. It performs an injustice to us all for this mis-guided view of simply another part of life forms the bases of all our fears. Death is simply another doorway which we all gather outside and speculate.)

Now if you read my blog often you will know it matters not if you believe or act on the Kleshas as nothing ultimately matters from a Nondulistic point of view. But I feel these five Kleshas point to as much truth as can be found in all the libraries of the world and at the very least it will save to a lot of reading.

I guess like all human pursuits Yoga can be as simple or as complex as you wish but you are I believe mis-guided if you think the complex hides more that the simple. YOGA is Union and that is good enough for me it is the reason T and I will wait on our stand to meet with you and get lost in the work that has pointed me towards all this in the first place. Forgive me in advance if I am unable to engage you as much as I would like this show will be busy and for a virtual recluse it may be at times a little to much so I’ve no doubt words will fail me but my feeling never will.

About the show :- There is plenty to do at this year’s show including free yoga & pilates classes, pilates reformer and 1:2:1 equipment sessions, children’s yoga, demonstrations and lectures. With over 200 exhibitors you will also find everything you need for your yoga & pilates practice together with inspirational products for a healthy lifestyle.

The YOGA Show, The National Hall Olympia
Hammersmith Road, Kensington
London W14 8UX