Comments and Critics

Above : Woden doesn’t care what you say or think, your just not taking his ball 🙂

As you will see I have a no comment option on this blog. In fact I usually disable comments or filter them on my you tube page and myspace etc. I’m surprised that so many people do keep comments on because no matter if they are good or bad they for me dilute the impact of an article or image.

Take a look at any YouTube page and it won’t be long until you find a comment which is inflammatory, vulgar or demoralizing. While I’m all for free speech I believe anyone who has an opposing view or an need to just be plain offensive should start up their own website or page and not just play verbal terrorists to others hard work or deep seated beliefs.

I know by taking this line I also stop people from spreading positive messages about what I do but I’m happy to pay that price.

My biggest problem is the whole sheep mentality (a slur on sheep sorry) with comments. Do we not all have very different tastes and perceptions on life? So is it not obvious for everything that is posted on the web there will people that love it while others will loath it. If I am basing my personal opinion on those of my peers or social networking friends then it is no wonder people don’t know their own minds.

I have for many years had a big problem with critics and reviewers, for basing any kind of decision on them like comments is a massive mistake. Years ago a guy called Barry Norman did film reviews on the BBC. Now this guy never liked any kind of action or sci-if film because the acting was never up to par. Yet if the film was foreign with subtitles it seemed he always liked it . (This is a generalization)

Mr Norman failed to understand that as a 15/16 year old all I wanted to see was cool effects, hot guys and gals with big guns (shallow I know) but that’s what I wanted back then. The BBC didn’t offer me that they offered me Barry Norman. Year in, year out who told me things like ‘Mr Stallone’s wooden acting fails to impress.’ I didn’t care acting was the last thing on my mind when I watched these films.

The same goes for cameras, tvs, food and car reviews. They are all pointless because they are all based on a set of values that are not mine. The problem is, if I did take any notice of critics I would never make a decision because nine times out of ten critics can’t even agree so where am I then?
Lost, confused, forced to make my own mind up??? Perish the thought.
I guess I can become a critic clone and only like what Jonathan Ross likes or buy what car Jeremy Clarkson would or moan about what Will Self would moan about but how sad would that be? I mean why even be alive if everything your going to be, do and say is what’s already been said and done.

I guess the need for Critics comes down to the simple fact is most people don’t want to standout in a crowd. They don’t want to wear pink when blue is in or eat Mexican when Italian is cool or listen to rap when it’s considered by someone to be crap.

Individuality is not something the bahhhh-ing! majority want. They want BMW drivers in dark suits using Iphones and eating big mac and they want it now! Anything different is just weird. Even God has been packaged into generic icons that you either believe in or don’t. Anyone open to possibilities, gray areas or new ideas are really not welcome at the table of the average Joe.

Comments and critics are simply not that interesting to me. They denote a wish to be chauffeur driven through life – something that sounds very dull for me. Personal common sense it seems in modern life is anything but common.

By all means know what you like but don’t try to convert anyone to your likes or way of thinking via stealth comments. Build a web site or your own blog and let those that relate to you find you as they always will. I would hope if you think I’m barking mad you will stay well clear of my sites, but if you like what I do then drop by often. This indeed is a far better support than any comment ever could ever be.

I will with deep love and respect tell you this – your validation or rejection won’t change the person I am one bit and likewise neither should you be changed by others comments and views.

Inner change is the only way and here is a simply suggestion :-
Be your own critic, be true to yourself and challenge what you think constantly. Only then can you know what you like and be an unique and genuine person.