It was the act of doubt in times gone by that the branch wouldn’t take our weight, or that we may not make it across three lanes of lumbering mammoths that helped our ancestors survive day to day life. Even today it plays an important part in keeping us alive by asking us to evaluate a situation more fully before making a decision. Sadly for many in the modern world doubt has manifested its self into something far less helpful.

I see many reasons why doubt is now dis-empowering people more than ever. For most, life has become typically safer. People have to worry less about things that may kill them, and more on things that merely bring them discomfort or make them miserable. Over a time these milder discomforts become mislabelled and are consider by us to be as bad as the situations that may bring us death.

Let’s look at the fear of failure: some are paralysed by it. Others simply don’t perceive failure to be that bad. They don’t take it personally. They can fail daily without any emotional scars. They just dust themselves down and try again. And so, by the law of averages they succeed often and are more likely to be where they want in life.

A person, who fears failure because of the past, will do anything to avoid situations in which failure is a possible outcome. Failure to them has become a traumatic event, one that sits along side personal injury and even death. For example, while a new job may be highly desirable and beneficial, the action of going through a job interview will be flagged by doubt as a situation which can have negative outcomes. After a short period of evaluation, it may be determined that the possible embarrassment and disappointment from the failure to obtain the position will far out strip any of the other positive outcomes. Here we can see that doubt has not only held back personal growth, it now also has an out of balance view on situations.

If you were stranded on a desert island, you alone would be left to evaluate situations that doubt has raised for review. You would follow a course of action based on your own personal experiences and your own gut feelings, which are usually far more in tune with the universe than those of the over evaluating mind.

In metropolitan society, the minds evaluation of situations raised by doubt not only references its own gut reactions and experiences it also pulls on what friends, family and even the media may have to say and think on the situation. This consideration of others views not only makes the correct decision for that self harder to find, but at times almost impossible. Decisions are now made on who we deem to know best or who we fear most. Doubt has now indirectly passed the minds controls over to others, hence why many people live life in the shadow of their mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, friends and leaders. The build up of negative energy from such a dis-empowering situation is massive and will ultimately lead to a point of breakdown some time in the future.

The time has come to re-evaluate doubt and return it to its background role of a survival tool and not the driver of our lives. Think on this and then take the appropriate actions. You might conclude to draw up a list of times you want doubt to play a role in your life. Maybe it is time to pay more attention to your gut reactions, your first thoughts and follow these. Often, they tend to bypass the opinions of others and those that are purely ego driven. Start to realign your life today and walk free from the grip of doubt.