How many masks do you wear?

We have all at times got lost in a play or movie. The world furnishes actors and those that can weave illusion with much praise and material comfort. Yet in the ‘real’ world anyone who displays the ‘talent’ of playing multiple personalities is ultimately considered sick, in need of medication and in the worse cases locking away.

Now tell me in all honestly who are you?

To answer that question many people will present you with a list of the roles they carry out. For example, they may say they are a mother, a father, a nurse, a solider or a cleaner. They may even reference their physical appearance, their most honed trait or simply their age:- I am a sexy woman, an ugly girl, a confident 25 year old male… The list is endless. But you can be sure these are simply masks (personas) They are smoke and mirrors that hide a deep truth that few people have any clue who they are and in fact many would rather not know.

The average human is weighed down by so many masks that the act of living (for it is an act) has become a burden. It is believed by many in mental health and the healing arts that the way to make someone whole is to strip away the masks they hide behind. But I do not believe this is possible because people are much like onions, just when you metaphorically peal one layer of skin away you find another. So then you have to ask the question which layer, which mask is the real you? The answer to that is not clear cut for underneath the perceived ‘evil person’ is not always an angel playing a role. Likewise underneath the do-gooder is not always a person trying to make up for some guilt ridden past. Throughout history mankind has tried to shape humanity into what it believes it should be, should look like and time and time again it has failed.

The ‘truth’ of it all is that we love the lies, we love the divide comedy in which we all take part -the good and especially the bad… oh how we love to go on and on about the bad. A tragedy usually has a far better mask to wear and more people would rather moan and argue than sit in silence.

And there in lies the clue (possibly)… As I have said before we are a human being, we simply are and while that sounds all very wonderful it is a kind of death. I mean meditation can maybe point you to the stillness of your being but who would want to really be that when there is a huge box of costumes and masks to get lost in?

Could it be that earth is just a big stage on which life gets to simply dress up a play the fool? It knows that it is everything, endless, perfect but hey just for a while wouldn’t it be great to play at not being ‘that’. If everything we know and don’t is god then maybe earth is just the place in the mind of god where it wonders what would it be like to not be ‘that’.

Even if this sounds like stuff and nonsense, can you tell me hand on heart you really feel you are this persona you present to the world? Doesn’t it all just feel like a great big act?