Embraced by Silence (Being)

Note just thoughts not a poem

I switched off the TV, the room fell dark and quiet.
I lingered on the sofa, embracing this sacred serenity.
I did not flee from darkness by turning on the light,
I sat there almost womb like in thankfulness of the night.

No temple, church or priory could match this sense of peace.
Nothing to do, no where to be, finally I’ve been released.
How exquisite this simple being without a care or thought or word.

Death could come in this moment and I would welcome it as a friend,
for there was nothing left to prove, read, hear, taste or think.
True beauty is this blanket of emptiness, this flash of life without need.

No poet or artist could capture the perfection of this moment, this now.
Alone and silent at last.

Finally I was meeting with everything and nothing and it was the same.
No mantras or meditations had birthed this sweet moment, how could they?
Tranquillity waits effortlessly until finally without effort it is noticed.

Thought and action could never have crafted such perfection, such universal love.
Peace Faith Joy had all dwelled in me forever unnoticed beneath the noise.