The Search

What is the search?
Nearly all of life is spent in ‘the search’ it shapes the way we act and sets us on pathways we often end up regretting. ‘The search’ starts very early on in life when it is made clear to us that we must learn and achieve academically so we can become someone society will respect and hold in high esteem. In our materialistic culture most buy into the belief more is best and that 1st place is the only place. Few of us ever achieve any of our childhood goals, those that do often see that life is still problematic and that the constant feelings of fear, emptiness and lack seldom fade . Sadly because of ‘the search’ for most contentment is some mythical land that lies far way.

‘the search’ is the reason mankind became industrialized, invented the atom bomb, went to the moon and moves deeper and deeper into space. It is also why man dissects everything that moves in a attempt to understand how it all works. It it seldom mention that most of what man has done has been done to prove of disprove the notion of god. The search is what drives men of religion and science to do unspeakable acts in order to be deemed right or further ‘the search’.

Sadly ‘the search’ both on a individual and world level ultimately has achieved very little. Millions still die our ecosystem has been raped and billions still look for comfort in all the wrong places. The search goes on and in truth mankind is no nearer understanding it’s self let alone the Universe it dwells in or beyond.

Some myself included because of our belief in non duality have decided to ‘Call off the search’ but that is a whole different blog for another day

Note: Just to say that obviously ultimately it doesn’t matter if you call off the search or not, if you buy into Non duality all approaches and ways of thinking from universal perspective are equal, but that said we can still have a personal preference when given a option in our current short term dualistic world. (confused I know, I’ll explain it better some time soon )